Spatial Engineering

AR/VR for Engineers

Massless develops spatial computing products for engineers to help them make bigger, better, and more magical things.

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Massless Visioneer

Use the Apple Vision Pro to design your engineering projects with the latest in spatial computing.

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Massless Pen

The Massless Pen is a digital stylus for VR. A familiar tool in a whole new dimension.

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Massless Studio

What good is a pen without paper? To use the Massless Pen we needed to create its canvas.

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Massless Space

Multi-user real-time 3D collaboration across Blender, Unity, and Web Browsers.

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Massless Speechless

Deep learning hardware & software platform for subvocal recognition and speech synthesis.

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Meet the Team

Jack Cohen
Heather Hosler
Veronika Nesheva
Richard Casemore
Web3 Lead
Ollie Stevens
Data & ML
Sonny Hughes
Creative Lead